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Customer Service Associate - Ravenswood

Company: parmarstores
Location: Ravenswood
Posted on: January 16, 2022

Job Description:

b'Position: Customer Service Associate\nReports to: Store Manager\nPurpose of Position: To serve Guest needs and wants at all times in a manner which exceeds Company Goals and Expectations of Total Quality Service to our Guests. Assist Store Management in day-to-day store operations and completion of paper work when necessary.\n 1. Consistently follow the daily work schedule by reporting prepared and ready to work at the scheduled time, in the proper uniform, as per company procedures.\n 2. Record time worked in a timely and accurate manner according to Company Timekeeping Policy.\n 3. Guests: Greet and Welcome each Guest to Par Mar with the proper greeting: Good (morning, afternoon or evening), Welcome to Par Mar. Acknowledge a Guest leaving the store by using an exit statement such as: Thank you, please come again, have a nice day.\n 4. Greet Guests by their personal names by observing their name on their credit card or personal check.\n 5. Ensure a high standard of Guest satisfaction is maintained at all times through prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service while behind the checkout area, including all Methods of Payment and Service Machines.\n 6. Record all methods of payment transactions promptly and accurately as per company policy.\n 7. Utilize and maintain the Company \xe2\x80\x9cManager\xe2\x80\x99s Redbook\xe2\x80\x9d that controls daily shift functions and acts as communication tool for all employees.\n 8. Meet daily expectation in all operations of the store in a manner which will meet all federal, state, local and industry laws, rules and regulations, such as in the sale of alcohol, tobacco and lottery, etc.\n 9. Ensure the accurate handling of company assets, including but not limited to: cash over/shorts, inventory shrink, cleanliness of the facility, Guest service in accordance with Company Standards.\n 10. Store Exterior: Maintain a clean and attractive exterior of the store location by consistently wiping down dispensers, removing excessive signage from windows, cleaning windows, keeping counter areas which can be viewed from the outside neat and orderly and sweeping the lot on a daily basis.\n 11. Maintain all island supplies and keep debris out of Guests view with trash being emptied every shift.\n 12. Store Interior: Maintain the interior of the store in a clean and attractive manner daily by completing all tasks on the shift duty checklist.\n 13. Maintain Coffee/Cappuccino Fountain Bar by keeping all products stocked, cleaned and accessible to Store Guests at all times in a manner which promotes the Par Mar Image standards.\n 14. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in Par Mar Stores including in front of ANY Par Mar Store entrance. It is not permitted according to Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations.\n 15. Par Mar Store Promotions & Loyalty Programs: Support and promote Par Mar Stores Special Promotions, Loyalty Programs and Events at store level. Promote good will on behalf of Par Mar Stores by attending community events including any Loyalty Program set by the Company.\n 16. Plus Selling: Continually be familiar with the store\xe2\x80\x99s specific monthly promotions and plus sell these items as required by the Manager according to company policy. Plus sell items that will complement the original purchased items.\n 17. Loss Prevention: Effectively control loss prevention by following company policies and procedures and practice honesty in the workplace at all times and reporting all dishonest findings to the Manager and/or Supervisor.\n 18. Follow the Company Policies and Procedures in a manner which supports the Company Mission Statement and Image Standards including, dress code, merchandise handing, Guest Service and minimizing controllable store expenses.\n 19. Complete assigned paperwork in an accurate, neat and timely manner which exhibits a high level of expertise according to company standards.\n 20. Vendor Procedures: Properly receive merchandise from vendors using the hand scanner and completing all invoices pertaining to the merchandise in a manner which meets company standards and maximizes inventory controls.\n 21. Walk the store observing merchandise to ensure the FIFO (first in first out) procedure is being implemented and products are stocked according to Par Mar Image standards.\n 22. Maintain a Store Atmosphere which is consistent with the Company Standards for Professionalism, Image and Total Quality Guest Service, Above and Beyond.\n 23. Display a consistent team oriented demeanor at all times by maintaining clear channels of communications open with upper management, fellow co-workers employees and Guests in compliance with Company policies.\n 24. Safety: Actively practice and enforce all safety measures to ensure a safe work environment is maintained in a manner which protects company assets, employees and Guests.\n 25. Ensure all decisions regarding company issues, Guest Service, laws, rules, regulations and safety are made from an objective analysis of the situation and the stated position of the Company.\n 26. Food Service: A. Properly place all waste in the designated area for tracking by Management. B. Inspect food and food preparation to maintain quality standards, freshness, taste, timely preparation and sanitation regulations. C. Ensure all equipment is cleaned and sanitized at the close of the day. D. Follow all recipe guidelines and portion control at all times. E. Ensure food preparation levels are completed for the next shift; properly dated and stored. F.\n 27. Maintain excellent personal hygiene according to company and industry standards, at all times. G. Obtain the state \xe2\x80\x9cFood Handlers Card\xe2\x80\x9d where applicable by all laws and\xc2\xa0\nRequirements:\nWhen you join the Par Mar Team, here is what we will expect from you: -Smile and greet every guest! You will be working in a fast paced environment serving customers in the community who have chosen your Par Mar location as their convenience store. -Be a part of a winning team! Strive to be the best there is in what you do. Work as a team to meet our customer\xe2\x80\x99s needs and have fun while making this happen! -Be optimistic and have a can-do attitude!\nAdditional Info:\nPHYSICAL/MENTAL ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB\nPosition: Customer Service Associate \xc2\xa0\nReports to: Store Manager \xc2\xa0\n 1. 1. Must be able to stand up to an eight (8) to ten (10) hour shift on a hard surface floor in order to perform all type of job duties and responsibilities.\n 2. Must be able to lift, push and/or pull up to 50 pounds up to 3 feet high without the aid of another person, in stocking the store.\n 3. Must be able to lift items onto a dolly and maneuver dolly into position.\n 4. Must be able to work in a cold environment in stocking the coolers and freezers.\n 5. Must be able to push and/or pull a mop/broom or shovel in order to clean floors, parking areas and sidewalks.\n 6. Must be able to tolerate chemicals such as gasoline, cleaning agents, and other products necessary for customer service or cleaning the facility.\n 7. Must be able to maintain balance and climb up to eight (8) feet on a step ladder or climb into the attic in order to stock and arrange coolers and shelves, replenish cups, ice, etc., in the fountain area and changing signs.\n 8. Must be able to bend, twist and reach in order to perform various job functions such as washing windows and gas pumps, stocking shelves, coolers and fountain areas and picking up trash.\n 9. Must be able to handle a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Items handled include, but are not limited to: stock items, money, credit cards, supplies and paper work.\n 10. Must be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally: A. The fingers are used bilaterally to count money, unload boxes, operate machines/equipment and to perform various other job functions. B. The fingers are used unilaterally to punch in prices on the cash register and computer.\n 11. Must be able to have corrected hearing to listen to: A. The needs and direction from management; B. The needs of customers; and C. The environment to be aware of surroundings.\n 12. Must be able to have corrected vision to: A. Be aware of surroundings and location of products and customers; B. Identify colors and descriptions of automobiles at gas pumps; and C. Count money, read price tags, cash register and gas pumps and perform job duties.\n 13. Environmental conditions: must be able to work around various odors, dust and fumes in a mostly moderate temperature, except for extreme cold below 40 degrees in refrigerator/coolers or the drive in winter conditions.\n 14. Must be able to have dexterity to perform repetitive tasks and force in the use of deli meat slicers and knives in a safe manner which meets company standards.\n 15. Must be able to understand and use all safety equipment when using a slicer and cleaning machinery.\n 16. Must be able to perform tanks inventory by reading the fuel tanks manually by lifting the 20-30 pound lids off the tank by using a screwdriver then \xe2\x80\x9csticking\xe2\x80\x9d the tanks or by inserting the tool into the lid and accurately reading the measurement.\n 17. Must not be short-tempered and must be slow to anger and able to respond in a calm demeanor in stressful situations such as dealing with customers who may be dissatisfied or emergencies.\n 18. Must be alert and able to identify a hazard in order to avoid it by reporting immediately, or if necessary, take immediate corrective measures.\n 19. Must not be impaired in anyway due to: A. the use of drugs (legal or illegal), B. alcohol use, or C. in any other way, which may affect the employee\xe2\x80\x99s ability to act and/or react in a manner that will ensure their safety, the safety of other employees, customers and the assets of the company.\n 20. Must be able to physically react in an immediate manner to emergencies such as fires, fuel spills, robberies or other life threatening situations.\n 21. Driving on Company Business: Consistently maintain and provide a current valid driver\xe2\x80\x99s license and proof of insurance.'

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